Doruk Ağaç C.O., many years operating in the field of wood partners ‘ knowledge and experience, and of a was founded in 2004. Coated MDF and Chipboard 40 employees in the production of wood and rapidly growing company in the industry, the investments made in 2007 as a result of machinery of latest technology panels produced in such large-scale project commitments to companies entering the Sizing, Banding, Multi-Hole and CNC services that could line commissioned. With these investments in the inner door – the door to the room, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets for housing, such as the fixed important steps in furniture manufacturing has come a long way in 2008, both in turkey and abroad for serious projects, the commitment of the company is the most important solution partner to be managed. The global economic crisis in 2009, under the pressure of the company, 30 %of a growth trend, capturing the inner door and the semi-finished products sector in Turkey has the widest product range that can offer an integrated solution, became the partner. Steady growth in its Climax Tree CO., ltd., %in 2010 grew 130 is a record difficult to break. Today, their products and services Dorstil Components, Dorstil Door and Dorstil Project brands in Turkey and exported to 30 countries around the world by providing leadership, determined strides. Climax Tree wood industry of our country actors in the most eminent in. Climax Tree in this location when creating the power takes the following components; Coated chipboard and MDF. This is exclusively for the production of coated sheet in a factory engaged in the production of performs. Climax Tree producing coated plate; All intermediary manufacturers and suppliers in the furniture industry, All manufacturers in the door industry, Her own door and furniture factories, , and thus obtained an access to minimize risks with this broader customer profile. As a natural result of this manufacturing practice the company is one of the most cherished customers of plain panel (chipboard/MDF) suppliers. Producing its own wood components from lumber, and manufacturing its own raw material into doors and furniture, Doruk Ağaç is immune from supplier dependencies. Doors are produced as half components or full door sets. This makes position Doruk Ağaç as a different player in the Industry. For all small and medium size door manufacturers Doruk Ağaç is a supplier of the main components while with its “panel, PVC and especially veneered door“ production, becomes a main player in the project and rebuild-renovate industry.

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